About Bryan McDonald

Bryan has been in business development and new revenue growth his whole 20 year career.
He brings that experience as well as rare and reliable skills that top 1% income earners use for business development and sales strategy skills. These are skills that aren't found in any books, YouTube videos or TED style talks. He serves clients with ambitious yearly or multi year revenue goals by helping them fulfill that ambition.

Bryan's Story

Bryan's background is in service based businesses such as financial services and insurance. He has experience selling products that are not tangible and have to be sold on "value" not on "price. The clients that get the most success from Bryan are really good technicians and are very passionate about what they do. These people are fully committed to growing or scaling their business and they want sales to be as strong as the technical ability they have in their work.

Clients say that he is rare because he finds out something very important about them that most others don't discover. So, when clients learn and use the top 1% skills, the get assessed as rare by their clients and prospects and their offers are more readily accepted compared to people with common skills.

Bryan speaks and consults on a number of key topics:

  • "Top 1% Income Earner Skills"
  • "The Lost Art of Listening in B2B Sales"
  • "Games Prospects and Buyers Play"
  • "Go From Goals to Promises to Create Results"

What People Are Saying

"Bryan McDonald and onPurpose Growth have had a tremendous impact on my business development success. I started working with him in Feb 2018 and felt really good about everything I was learning. By October of the same year, I started turning proposals into clients at an 80% clip (up front what I thought was about a 10% close ratio.)"

- Larry Levy, CFO Options, Inc.

"Bryan has been working with me to help grow my consulting business. I appreciate his approach because he focuses on understanding the problem first and then helps me think through possible solutions. He takes the time to really understand what I desire to achieve with my company. He does not assume he knows the answer nor does he force fit a business development model on my company that will not work. It is a powerful approach and Bryan is clearly well practiced in asking thought provoking questions. I enjoy working with him. I am sure he can and will help many other small business owners like me."

- Matt Kroll, President, Chalmers St. Consulting

Get In Touch

Bryan McDoanld is available to Speak at your event, and as a Sales Coach.