About Bryan McDonald

Bryan McDonald has grown revenue for small and mid-sized companies for over 17 years.
With a foundation in sales and insurance, his strategies and tactics have been sought after by individual sales people and Partners in Professional Services firms.

In 2017, Bryan brought his experience, networking prowess, and methods to onPurpose Growth, and now helps sales people become top earners.

Bryan speaks and consults on a number of key topics:

  • "Selling and Presenting to Insurance Companies"
  • "Building Your Referral Engine"
  • "Revenue Relationships - Where Both Sides Win"

Bryan's Story

After many years of bringing a consultative, non-transactional approach to the insurance business, he and his clients saw the immense value of solving unique business problems for the small-to-mid markets, and doing so by focusing not on the features and benefits of the insurance he was selling, but rather on the positive business impact it would have and what that meant to the CEO / entrepreneur / Founder.

This was (and still is) unique in the insurance space, and he wanted to combine that experience with his passion for coaching, training, and advising. This lead to him joining onPurpose Growth. Bryan has brought his ability to build a sustainable book of business to OPG, and we're grateful to call him a Partner in the firm.

With his B2B service-based business background, and his first-hand experience as a salesperson and seasoned account executive responsible for building and continuously growing a book of business, Bryan brings to onPurpose Growth and the people who work with us a perspective and wealth of knowledge that truly resonates with sales and client service teams.

Bryan is also our Head Facilitator of the teams enrolled in our Breakthrough Sales program, and presents at our community-oriented workshops.

What People Are Saying

I started working with Bryan when I decided to leave banking and jump into an industry I was really passionate about, investment management. The decision to work with Bryan was based on his track record, along with the promise I made to myself to succeed at being successful after a major career jump. After just the first day, I saw a very simple way to approach sales and interact with prospects that made each of those interactions more fruitful and effective. Just about everything I had learned prior in sales has now become obsolete to me because it was so less effective than how I approach sales now. I've achieved and exceeded sales goals and metrics by applying what Bryan has taught me and unfortunately because of my licensing and compliance I am unable to detail those for you. All I can say, is that Bryan has, and continues to help me learn the skills of top sales professionals like he claims. I am still learning today and excited to continue the journey working with him.

- Eric Grauer, Invesco US

"Bryan delivers a wealth of knowledge that can only be transferred from real life experience. He goes beyond the scope of sales by showing the importance of ethical leadership, and its fundamental role in company growth. It has been refreshing to receive a unique approach on how one can exceed business goals."

- Brandon McGhee, Alliant / Mesirow

"Thank you Bryan for starting Greater Naperville Networking. I'm so glad to be part of it. I enjoy the quality of GNN, the leadership and the people who are part of it."

- Luke Kypr, Opal Enterprises

Get In Touch

Bryan McDoanld is available to Speak at your event, and as a Sales Coach.