About Gavin Martin

As a Fractional VP of Sales, and Product Strategist, Gavin Martin partners with CEOs,
executive teams, and solopreneurs to grow their client-base, increase customer success, and create predictable streams of revenue.

After spending 15 years in IT project management and client services for managed service firms and software companies, Gavin turned his focus to helping sales and product teams work together to attract, close, and keep a loyal client-base.

Gavin speaks and consults on a number of key topics:

  • "How to Build High-Quality Products Faster"
  • "Games Prospects and Buyers Play"
  • "No-Pressure Prospecting"
  • "No-BS Enterprise Selling in 2018"

Gavin's Story

Originally an IT service and brand development entrepreneur, Gavin was drawn to the fields of management systems and business development after seeing countless tech companies struggle to stay afloat. Eventually, businesses started asking him to come in and help the engineering/technical teams work more cohesively with the sales teams. The continuation of that work helped build the foundation of his practice, eventually leading to the founding of onPurpose Growth.

Today, much of Gavin's work is with B2B businesses to develop targeted sales strategies with a very clear set of actions to produce new growth.

Aside from being a contributing author to "The Book - By Entrepreneurs, For Entrepreneurs," Gavin has been a guest on WGN Radio, a speaker at ProductCamp, and is also a contributor to the field of B2B sales management.

What People Are Saying

"Gavin has had an incredible impact on both my personal development and professional career. He is hard working, thoughtful, easy to speak with and always ready to help. More importantly, he is honest and forthright. As a young attorney, Gavin has brought my career into focus, helping me discover my strengths and working with me to determine a trajectory that will help me reach my goals. I highly recommend Gavin and know that he would make an invaluable addition to any organization, business, or entrepreneur."

- Briana Belligio, Attorney at DLA Piper

"This guy is on the move. Gavin has found a method and rhythm that works with his high intellect to help companies, and the individuals that run them, manage their success by an X-factor."

- Tim Padgett, CEO of Pepper Group and Teer1

"Gavin is one of the best Product people I know, possessing the rare trait of being an ultra-clear and poignant communicator. He has the ability to cut through all the noise and quickly arrive at what's most important. Whether you are working on early-stage product visioning or late-stage go to market and sales strategies, you want Gavin in the room. He's one of the few people that is equally good in front of customers as he is working in the weeds with development teams. Gavin has been clutch for us in so many different situations: closing sales, navigating thru sensitive client relationships, and translating market trends/buzzwords into actionable roadmaps and work for development teams."

- Erik Weber, Scrum.org

"Gavin and I worked together for nearly 2 years at Tricast. When I started, Tricast was struggling with competing priorities and a disconnect between the business development and technology areas. Gavin was extremely influential in aligning these departments and focusing the company on some unified internal goals. At the same time, he demonstrated an impressive ability to engage clients and prospects positively, help them understand the path we were on, and why it would be valuable for them to work with us. His work was vital in setting up the company for success and we are still reaping the benefits of both the focus he helped us achieve and the great rapport he established with our clients. Gavin is a pleasure to deal with and has an impressive ability to communicate calmly and clearly even in challenging environments."

- Pete Woelfel, VP of Sales at Reveal

"Gavin and I worked together at Tricast for about two years and during that time I was constantly amazed at his ability to communicate with people, especially in difficult situations. He played a big part in aligning our company around a few internal goals which helped eliminate a culture of constant "firefighting." This was no small feat and is one of the main reasons why Tricast is headed in an extremely positive direction. Additionally, the rapport and goodwill he built with our clients is still something we rely on today."

- Daniel Reid, Scrum Product Owner

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Gavin Martin is available to Speak at your event, and as a Fractional Executive.