"Jeff asks all the right questions that lead to the best solutions. I first received his training in 2012 when I worked for a Real Estate company in Elmhurst, Illinois.  5 years later that training is what helped me grow my own business. I have been able to pass along that sales training to my team.  Jeff will always have your best interest at heart and will push you to ensure you have logical metric systems in place in effort to help your business grow on purpose!"

- Jasmine Ramirez, Managing Partner of Virtual People Solutions

About Jeff Galas

Jeff Galas likes to set sales in motion.
With a foundation in sales and consulting, he discovered small business owners in Professional Services kept finding him. After working hand-in-hand with these enthusiastic entrepreneurs, Jeff followed his own advice by taking the leap to start onPurpose Growth in 2013.

Jeff speaks and consults on a number of key topics:

  • "Breaking Through Revenue Plateaus"
  • "The Real Psychology of Business Growth"
  • "Why Your Team Sucks at Hitting Targets"

Jeff's Story

Jeff’s focus on management systems and business theory started young. A clear path to his own career growth opened through the guidance of his successful entrepreneurial father and his mother, who was a long-time teacher. The pair taught him that not only could you become more successful in business; you can also gain greater life satisfaction in the process. He shares this focus with his clients.

A tireless effort to learn and improve has guided him during his educational training, while starting a web design company, and when working with many successful startups as a key player. Jeff is a noted speaker on topics such as sales management, business growth and employee engagement. Besides being a contributing author to “The Book-By Entrepreneurs, for Entrepreneurs,” Jeff regularly contributes to the thought leadership of sales and management for growth. He also received the 2014 Award for Entrepreneurial Excellence from the Daily Herald Business Ledger.

What People Are Saying

"Jeff has been instrumental in my company's growth over the past 12 months."
"...Jeff speaks frankly and to the point, necessary for his line of work. "...After several months and a couple of workshops he's done for my agents, I know now feel energized every time we check in. The mind set is different and my decisions are based on the long term, instead of the 'tunnel vision' short term solutions."

- Ryan Gable, Owner of StartingPoint Realty

"Jeff has a complete understanding of the sales process and buyer psychology. He's also a modern, agile, high-EQ leader capable of building and leading a sales team. He's got the right balance of high-touch personal leadership and rigor around following a process. Plus, he's just simply fun to work with."

- Erik Weber, COO of TRICAST, LLC.

"Jeff’s advice as business consultant has allowed our organization to reduce its sales cycle by 43% in two years. And, increase our forecast accuracy by 18%. If you require any more information, please feel free to contact me at 630-679-9927 or email me at cjasmin@wi-tronix.com"

- Chad Jasmine, VP of Customer Strategy at Wi-Tronix

"Simply put Jeff will improve your sales process. He brings a unique ability to quickly assess the limitations of your existing team & sales process, develop a comprehensive action plan, and successfully train and empower your team to execute on the new plan. His expertise is particularly valuable for companies that have achieved a certain level of success but get stuck and need the tools & expertise of an experienced sales leader. His strategies are easy to implement but deliver impressive results. Importantly, his approach is caring and mentoring."

- Mike Marcantonio, Principal at Blue Heron Capital

"Jeff is a rare breed. He understands sales from a strategic market perspective and has the talent to identify high-performing individuals and lead them into effective and balanced teams. It takes a huge amount of trust, but when Jeff is given the support of the organization to implement his vision, great things happen for that company. I have worked with Jeff for years and recommend him for the companies that are looking to change their growth trajectory."

- Jon Anderson, Strategic Account Director at OMNI Resources

Get In Touch

Jeff Galas is available to Speak at your event, and as a Sales Coach.