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What We Do

Go-to-Market / Organic Growth

Inspire growth with a proven model for not just sales, but overall improvement.

Whether it’s going from founder-fed to founder-lead, or systematically increasing the performance of both your product and sales teams.

Events and Bootcamps

Choose your level of involvement.
Networking Happy Hour? Great!
Workshops to help you sell more? Yes.
Prospecting Bootcamps? Sign Up Here.

Breakthrough Sales Tools

Get the tools and training of the top 5% of income earners.

You can also join a team of peers who are there to support one another in business growth. The structure drives good discipline and continuous skills improvement.

Strategic Planning

Annual planning, go-to-market, product launches, or simply hitting revenue goals, we work with management and their teams to develop effective strategies for growing the top-line.

Our Team

Founding Partner, Sales Mover and Shaker, Fierce Linkedin Debater

Jeff Galas

Founding Partner, VP of Product / VP of Sales Hybrid, Keeper of Random Knowledge

Gavin Martin

Partner, Director of all things Training, Coaching, and Events, the Level-Headed One of the Group.

Bryan McDonald

“OPG’s advice as business consultants has allowed our organization to reduce its sales cycle by 43% in two years. And, increase our forecast accuracy by 18%. In many aspects, we owe those successes to OPG providing the needed structure.”
– Chad Jasmine, VP of Customer Success

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