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Generic Solutions Don't Work

Finding what to change is often more difficult than it sounds, so we settle for change that appears to come in a pretty little box.
Don’t settle for just any change. Generic solutions won’t help your company stay unique. They wont help you take advantage of what makes you unique.
Use a proven process that helps you find the bottleneck slowing you down. 

Focus is the Difference

Focus your sales team on where you can win.
Strategy doesn’t come from a standard playbook but rather from understanding your clients, your market, and yourself. Know where you can win. Know how to play there. Know how to continue to create opportunity.   
No slogans, no taglines, and no motivational games. Just solid methods to drive consistent action that leads to success.

How We Work

Isolate what to change – Focusing on the outcome we want and the conditions necessary to driving it there.
Isolate the leverage point – Find where your efforts get you the most gain.
Measure – How will we know when we get there?
Study actions taken, course-correct if needed, and decide what comes next.


Everyone has tools.  Knowing where to apply them is the difference.
Some of our tools:
  • Client Feedback Systems
  • Strategic Planning
  • Blueprint to Freedom
  • Strategy to Action planning
  • Scorecards
  • Sales Training and Coaching
  • Interim/Fractional VP of Sales
  • Temp and Perm VP of Product Development

Our Team

Founding Partner, Sales Mover and Shaker, Fierce Linkedin Debater

Jeff Galas

Founding Partner, VP of Product / VP of Sales Hybrid, Keeper of Random Knowledge

Gavin Martin

Partner, Director of all things Training, Coaching, and Events.
He’s the Level-Headed One of the Group.

Bryan McDonald

“OPG’s advice as business consultants has allowed our organization to reduce its sales cycle by 43% in two years. And, increase our forecast accuracy by 18%. In many aspects, we owe those successes to OPG providing the needed structure.”

– Chad Jasmine, VP of Sales

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