The Sales System Should Match the Product

If you are selling in a way that doesn’t fit your product/service you can’t optimize your sales to maximize your company. There are _____(too many)_____ types of sales systems: Commodity selling, Solution Selling, Consultative Selling, Relationship-based Selling, Timing-based selling. How do you choose the “best” one?

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There is No Secret Sauce

Yes, you saw the title correctly. There is no secret sauce.

I am a reader. I read lots of blogs and lots of books. I often can’t resist the ones titled something like… “3 Ways to Success”, “5 Killer Traits of Leaders”, or especially anything titled “The Secret Sauce.”

However, the more I read the articles titled this way, the more I get let down. Everyone wants instant pudding. Everyone wants the one thing they can do tomorrow that fixes everything. Look, I want that too, but here’s the thing: THERE IS NO SECRET SAUCE.

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