Stop Using Analytical Thinking

Will you imagine something with me for a second?

You own a car and one day you walk out to find: You have a tire issue. You are unclear on what tire issue you have, but you can see just by looking at it that you do not want to drive on that tire. What is your next step?

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4 Keys to Growth – Wisdom may be free but it takes a plan

“If I am the smartest guy in the room, I am in the wrong room”

Catchy saying… I have used it.  Probably even meant it at the time. Now I know it to be irrelevant.

Maybe it is time to move past a catchy tagline and start improving

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Value – What Is It?

A long time ago – in a not too distant planet …

Ok just about 10 years ago and while I was an employee…talking to my boss:

My boss wanted me to create value for my clients. When I asked him what he thought that meant he stumbled. It occurred to me that no one has ever asked that question before. He quickly regained his footing and made the statement, “Give them more than what they want”.

That really confused me. What if what they want is the value they need and want? What if more is actually not a positive thing for the client?

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