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Our curated peer groups, along with our Breakthrough Sales trainers, will guide you through exactly how to grow your business.

Hands-on Sales Support

Not sure what to say before an important call? Have a big meeting coming up?
We've got your back.

Included: BTS University

Get access to the full library of videos, worksheets, and quick-reference notes, organized by topic.

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The BTS program will grow your revenue, income, and open up your options on just how far and fast you can scale.
Commit to the program, and together we'll create growth.


Taking control of your growth will require you to take direct action. Every member of our carefully curated groups understands that. If you are ready to be challenged for the betterment of yourself and your business, then click “Let’s Do This.”

Each Group Includes

  • Online Team Meetings - 2 per month
  • BTS University
  • Quick Reference Cards
  • Email Support
  • Included: Access to Exclusive Sales Bootcamps
  • Network with a curated group of peers
  • Sales Pipeline coaching

Frequently asked questions

No. We don’t care about academics. We care about action. By the way – so do you.

If you’re in a program that doesn’t help you become a more effective entrepreneur with everything you do, you’re in the wrong program.

Our goal is to build a community of growth-minded entrepreneurs who don’t have time to stay in the same place, and who are consistently growing their business month-over-month.

Are you one of them?

You can cancel your Breakthrough Sales membership anytime. We don’t hold hostages.

Great question.

B2B, high-ticket Entrepreneurs with a growth (not fixed) mindset. When we say “high ticket,” your cheapest service should be $2,000.

There’s a long version of this story, but basically we were tired of the options out there. Everyone wants to sell you the idea that the answer is a “flip of the switch.”

That’s BS. You know it, we know it, and they know it.

It doesn’t matter how great your newsletter and website are, that by itself is not going to get you there. Yet, there are firms who tell you the answer is digital marketing.

On the other end, you have expensive sales education programs where you sign up for a 13-week, 1 year, 1 day, whatever program. That’s an academic pursuit, not a pursuit of significant business growth.

Our program is different. When you join, you better be ready to take new and sometimes uncomfortable actions. No one is going to just drop a bunch of new revenue in your lap – and you know that.

Here’s what we know: Our members stay because it makes good business sense every single year.

If you’re looking to ramp up the training and development of your sales staff, and you’re a mid-to-top tier enterprise, Click Here to schedule a call so we can get you a rate structure that makes sense.

Our Results

"onPurpose Growth have had a tremendous impact on my business development success. I started working with them in Feb 2018 and felt really good about everything I was learning.
By October of the same year, I started turning proposals into clients at an 80% clip (up front what I thought was about a 10% close ratio.)
I couldn’t ask for more."
Larry Levy
CFO Options
"onPurpose Growth have a profound ability to help sales professionals and organizations build out true differentiation. They go beyond a full understanding of marketing and sales messaging to enrich all areas of sales such as the way sales professionals exhibit themselves in meetings and how they think about interacting with prospects and clients."
Paul Lloyd
CEO, Iron Layer Security
"This is more than just sales training... It's training on growth of the company."
Silas Shadid
"I started my professional service firm nine years ago. We’ve always had work, and were doing just fine. But recently, it’s become very clear that there is tremendous growth potential for the firm. I’ve never considered myself to have much skill in sales, but was eager to learn. So, with my goal of not only learning about sales, but trying to master the most effective methods, I reached out to Bryan and onPurpose Growth. With their guidance, I’m able to identify the potential clients that will be a good fit for our firm and the way we work. One of the best lessons I’ve learned from OPG is that not every opportunity is the right one, and it’s equally important to walk away from what could be a bad fit. Rather than trying to engage every potential client – like I used to – each sale should be a collaboration of mutual benefit for both the buyer and seller. There’s plenty more for me to learn, and I’m so grateful to have Bryan and OPG to get me there."
Virginia McGann
Value Management Resources
"Bryan has been working with me to help grow my consulting business. I appreciate his approach because he focuses on understanding the problem first and then helps me think through possible solutions. He takes the time to really understand what I desire to achieve with my company. He does not assume he knows the answer nor does he force fit a business development model on my company that will not work. It is a powerful approach & Bryan is clearly well practiced in asking thought provoking questions. I enjoy working with him. I am sure he can & will help many other small business owners like me."
Matt Kroll
Chalmers St. Consulting

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