About onPurpose Growth

We use rapid experimentation to create the movement that matters in your business. This is our distinction from the attempted solutions many try in search of growth, only to find out they fall into one of the following fallacies:

- The "magic person" or "sales unicorn" fallacy.

- The "sales is a numbers game" fallacy.

- The "we just need to move faster" fallacy.

- The "if we could just do X, then Y would happen" or "instant pudding" fallacy.

Don't feel bad if you've fallen into one of these traps before. It means you at least did something. But now it's time to get Movement that Matters - where everything happening in your business fits a specific, proven purpose. Where you stop chasing "busy" and "fast" and start getting learning and growth. Fumbling your way to growth isn't a strategy. Nor is getting everyone in a room to talk about what "seems" like the right thing to do next.

Our team of advisors will structure these growth experiments inside your business, and show you and your team how to do the same.

Jeff Galas - Founding Partner & Head of Sales

"Hi, I'm Jeff.

My career has spanned everything from selling binders to being a 4X Chief Revenue Officer for funded, high-growth tech companies. In that time, I have learned a lot about running into brick walls, how to stop running into those brick walls, and what small-to-mid sized companies must do to grow beyond their current range.

Outside of the work stuff, I'm a father of four (2 humans, 2 dogs), husband, sports coach, and one time I did a pretty great bathroom remodel (still proud of that)."

Gavin Martin - Founding Partner & Head of Consulting Practice

"Hi, I'm Gavin.
I primarily work in the trenches with executive and sales teams of $20-$200MM organizations/divisions, specializing in the complex business-to-business (B2B) sale. I bring sanity, clarity, and accountability to the specific actions that lead to rapid, predictable growth.

Okay. Enough business talk. On the personal front, I play pickleball and guitar, am a father and husband, and am told I'm a pretty good home cook."

Bryan McDonald - Partner & Head of Coaching Practice

"Hi, I'm Bryan.

Ask me about my coaching, and I'm inclined to refocus the conversation to be all about you. I am not some naturally gifted listener (as my wife often reminds me). Rather, I have made it part of my life's work to remind people why we have two ears and one mouth. When I build your listening skills with you, it will become absolutely clear what your prospects and customers need to be raving fans of what you do. They are telling you right now - you just have to know how to hear it.

On the personal front, I'm a family man, self-growth enthusiast, and appreciate a great sour beer. Also - I get entirely too excited about Penn State."

Let's Get the Gears Turning

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