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3 Ways to Success, 5 Killer Traits of Leaders

Yes, you saw the title correctly. There is no secret sauce.

I am a reader. I read lots of blogs and lots of books. I often can’t resist the ones titled something like… “3 Ways to Success”“5 Killer Traits of Leaders”, or especially anything titled “The Secret Sauce.”

However, the more I read the articles titled this way, the more I get let down. Everyone wants instant pudding. Everyone wants the one thing they can do tomorrow that fixes everything. Look, I want that too, but here’s the thing: THERE IS NO SECRET SAUCE.

The people who think there is such a thing will publish another article in 2 months with a different secret sauce. We live in a copycat world (well some do and it is a problem). If you choose to see someone else’s secret sauce and try to just copy it, you MAY achieve their results. This, however is unlikely, and at best you will still be far behind. That person likely didn’t stop learning and growing, so unless you’re in the business of chasing after the leftovers of someone else, you might consider a less glamorous, yet more reliable approach.

A mentor of mine, Rafael Aguayo, once shared with me a great metaphor. Great hockey players do not go to where the puck is. They go to where the puck is going to be.

From my experience there is no one path, or 3 killer steps, but rather a simple philosophy:

Everyday up.

Today I am going to work hard, learn as much as I can and focus on building something of great quality.  

Whether I am the CEO or I feel like the smallest person in the company, I keep building, learning, and working hard.

Today I can learn something that matters.

Today I can get one step better.

It may be hard, but that is what breeds success.

There is no instant pudding and unless you win the lotto, you will not be an overnight millionaire. There is no such thing.


Since luck is not a plan I will continue to grind – Today, tomorrow, and next week. Every day, up.

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