Sales Leaders

Sales velocity and sales reliability is our specialty.
Together this will create scale.


Data Driven

of Action

The typical sales department can't scale, won't scale as it is built on shaky ground. It is built on the "art" of sales and the "magic" of individual effort. This gets you STUCK. Stuck because the founder and a few magic sales people will have variation. Will have up and down days, weeks, quarters. When they happen you get stuck. Building a TEAM is what we do. Getting past founder led sales, getting past the unicorn individual is what we do.


The fastest growth comes form working on the ONE constraint. We have a structure that allows us to find the constraint, the barriers and the friction getting in the way. This assessment will highlight the issues and prioritize them for action.


Know a problem that needs to be solved? Why spend months planning, thinking, talking about these issues .. SOLVE THEM NOW. We have tested ideas, implemented solutions and expanded reach in a week! Focused effort through a sprint structure will remove uncertainty and create momentum.


The scrum process works.
Whether we come in and run it for you or you get training on how to run it scrum will work. It will create clarity on what to do, when to do it and how to measure if it was successful. Your team will transform from a few carrying the many to the team running together and seeing results previously thought impossible. Your forecast will be reliable and your velocity will increase.

Let's Get the Gears Turning

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