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There Is No Secret Sauce

Yes, you saw the title correctly. There is no secret sauce. I am a


Action​ = Reaction. Make your reaction a conscious choice

The laws of physics tell us for every action there is an

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We Know You Have to Delegate, but Just How Do We Do That?

It is a well known “secret” that to scale you, as the

Success is Not Scarce

Why are we having a discussion around participation trophies? Many people believe

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We Need More Accountability

Once upon a time, in a business far far away, a well

Employee Engagement Has to be More Than a Tagline

Employee engagement is a priority that will never be finished. I have

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Problems Don’t Have to Suck

Time and time again I have seen all to many people avoid

Decision Making = Prediction Making

Are you good at making decisions? Is your decision making improving? How

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