1. Business Whiteboarding Session
“I want an action plan to handle my most pressing issue.”

  • You’ll see your business mapped out end-to-end in a way you’ve probably never seen before.
  • This will create immediate alignment with your leadership team around what matters most.
  • You will get clarity on the right things you need to get done, in what order.

How we do it:

  • A facilitated problem-to-action session with your leadership team completed in 60-90 minutes.

2. Growth Compatibility Assessment
“We’re ready to grow. What needs to change to make it happen?”

  • Get an unbiased, 3rd party view of what needs to change for predictable growth.
  • Learn specific steps to solve common concerns such as:
  1. “What is slowing us down?”
  2. “Which market forces can we leverage to accelerate growth?”
  3. “Is my team good enough to make it happen?”
  4. “Do our sales, service, and delivery processes align to our growth goals?”
  5. “Do we have the right product/service positioning & pricing?”
  6. “Which decisions need to be made today that determine our growth tomorrow?”
  7. “Do we have the right strategy?
  8.  “How can we improve our ability to execute the strategy?”

How we do it:
Conducted using prospect, client, market, and internal interviews, along with process, data, and collateral reviews. You will get a clear, simple “red/yellow/green” report detailing what to change, what to change to, and how to change.

3. Growth Sprints
“I want immediate, guaranteed traction on my top initiatives.”

  • Perfect for helping your team get unstuck.
  • You’ll see measurable progress in 30 days or fewer. And yes, we guarantee that.
  • Eliminates the “we’re too busy” excuse by simplifying the path to success.
  • This progress can occur with or without your involvement.
  • By running the process with us, you and your team will learn a step-by-step method for continuous improvement.

How we do it:
We organize a cross-functional sprint team inside your company who will own the process and results, coach them every single week to make sure they’re on-track and moving quickly, provide you a weekly report so you know what got done last week, and what’s getting done this week & why.

4. Growth Engine+
“I want highly effective differentiation, product positioning, and a playbook to win our target market.”

  • Get a visual roadmap of all of the critical milestones you must hit to succeed in your chosen market.
  • Clarity on who your best-fit clients/customers are and how to predictably get in front of them.
  • Learn how to stand out from the pack of established “brand name” solutions.
  • Effectively separate yourself from other small-to-mid sized competitors.
  • You’ll have a step-by-step playbook detailing the right messages, methods, processes, scorecard, and tools you need to run a highly-profitable growing brand.

How we do it:
A series of internal workshops, some with leadership and some with key departments, to fill in an easy-to-use Go-to-Market Blueprint to organize the business around, and then translate those big picture items into step-by-step sections in your Go-to-Market Execution Playbook.

5. Growth Plans
“I want to know exactly what my team and I should be doing every day to maximize our growth.”

  • Replicate your success as a founder and top producer in your team of reps, account executives, and advisors.
  • Provides a framework for each producer to create their business action plan for the year, milestones they must hit to exceed their annual targets, 30 day outcomes for them to march toward, and specific action steps they take weekly to make it happen.
  • Connects each person’s “why” to the work they need to get done.
  • Rapidly increases accountability and consistency across the organization.

How we do it:
Three facilitated sessions with your team to create each person’s goals, focus drivers, scorecard, actions, fill in their personal/professional growth connector, and give them a path to self-reliance so everything doesn’t fall back on you. All of this will be organized into our Growth Plan worksheet so there’s visibility into each person’s plan, what they’re accountable to, and how to support them.

6. Interim Management
“I want someone to come in to get us organized and make sure we’re executing appropriately to grow the business.”

  • Get one or more seasoned executives to drive “done for you” growth.
  • Instantly fill vacant sales leadership seats and start getting traction on day one.
  • Elevate yourself to leading the vision and strategy of the business, and leave the day-to-day revenue team demands to us.
  • Reorganize the people, processes, and tools to a more optimal state to make your growth goals possible.
  • Once you’re setup to get to the next phase of growth, we’ll interview, hire, and train permanent replacements for the roles we were filling.
  • Roles include: Interim Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), Interim VP of Sales, Interim Sales Manager, Interim Head of Account Management, Interim Director of Customer Success.

How we do it:
If we determine your bottleneck/constraint falls under our area of expertise, we’ll sit with your and your leadership team to go over our 30/60/90 day action & outcome plan, make sure everyone is comfortable with the interim executive(s) we’ve assigned, and then finalize & execute the kickoff plan. After that, we’re a functional part of your day-to-day team.

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